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Texas Democratic Veterans (TX Dem Vets, TDV) is an auxiliary organization of the Texas Democratic Party and a PAC.
The purpose of the TDV is to strengthen bonds among Democratic Veterans of the Armed Forces of the United States (“Veterans”), promote democratic principles and ideals, actively promote participation by Veterans in the electoral process, and enhance Veterans’ participation in the Democratic Party throughout TX and local communities.
Veteran Membership: Any Texas resident who is a Veteran who supports the policies and purposes of the Democratic Party per TDV Bylaws shall be eligible for Veteran membership.
Associate Membership: The spouse/significant other (SO) of a Veteran member, and widows/ widowers of a deceased military member are eligible for Associate Membership. The Executive Committee will consider other applicants.
Friends of TDV: Non-Veterans may join TDV as Friends; they may participate in TDV Meetings and activities, but will not have a vote.

TDV Membership Application 2020
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